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  • Listening to: Rap,Hip-hop,Techno!
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Jersey Shore, Burn notice, Necessary roughness
  • Playing: Madden
  • Eating: Healthy
  • Drinking: Water,Green Tea
School is back and hopefully this will be my last year of high school(thank jesus christ). Im still working on stuff but still worrying about getting ideas for the yearbook this year.
  • Listening to: Dubstep,rap, hip hop
  • Reading: Nothings :P
  • Watching: Nothing so far...
  • Playing: Madden and Black ops
  • Eating: Hot pockets and chips
  • Drinking: Kool aid, Ice tea, water
After Numerous amount of months its finally Summer :) meaning i can have more time on my deviantart and sleep. Im not really sure on how much more im really gonna try to get more views on my deviant art buuut i might just keep at it and hope i get 5,000 views after a few months.
  • Listening to: love songs :(
  • Reading: Nuthin
  • Watching: Nothing So far...
  • Playing: Maplestory
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
yeah i blew that whole situation overboard big time. All i had to do was flick my hair to the left and it looked pretty okay :P
  • Listening to: hippy Hop
  • Reading: Nuthin
  • Watching: Running Man :D
  • Playing: madden and maplestory
  • Eating: Food?
  • Drinking: Wata
okay i had long hair it came all the way down to my neck and i had bangs and i loved them. i was forced by my parents to cut it now i just wanted a trim they said its fine EXCEPT the women who was cutting it just hacked away and cut ALOT of my hair and messed up so much its just horrific. Now i feel like not going outside for 2 months :(
  • Listening to: My Conscience
  • Reading: My Thought?
  • Watching: The Walking Dead and Running man(K-Variety Show)
  • Playing: Nothing so far :\
  • Eating: starving :(
  • Drinking: Pepsi and ice tea :D
Hey Hi whats up? How are you?

Im fine just extremely emotionally confused about this one chick....nvm its a a loooooooooong story. Shes driving me crazy i cant stop thinking about her. Love? maybe maybe not. i'll be uploading more deviants sooner or later idk im lazy :P
  • Listening to: Hip-Hop
  • Reading: Nothing So Far
  • Watching: nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Chillen what do u expect? :P
Yup just chillin on my computer listening to music watching videos and stuff.
  • Listening to: Hip-Hop
  • Reading: Nothing So Far
  • Watching: Just Youtube Vids
  • Playing: Sims2,Sims3,Madden08
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing